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Will I Need My Tooth Extracted?

No one wants their tooth extracted, but sometimes you have to have it done. When teeth have trauma issues, or they’re crowded or diseased, you might need a tooth extraction.

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

One of the main reasons someone might come to Brockport Dental and get a tooth extracted is because they’re experiencing overcrowding– there’s simply not enough space in your mouth the way teeth are currently arranged so one or more need to come out. This is especially true when you’re young and plan on getting braces to straighten your teeth. Oftentimes, for instance, people will have their wisdom teeth removed in order to make room for the rest of the teeth to line-up nicely. Furthermore, there’s the issue of impaction, which is the inability of the teeth to grow out of the gums. This is painful, and relief comes from having the impacted tooth extracted.

What about periodontal infections? If you have an infection on your teeth and gums, you might need to have a tooth extracted if the situation doesn’t respond to medication. If and when a tooth’s root is damaged, then extraction is imminent.

If a tooth is damaged by trauma or disease, it may need to come out. Say you play a sport and get hit by a puck or ball and it messes with your tooth such that it’s “barely hanging on.” That one might need to come out.

How do you know if you might need a tooth extraction? Do you have severe tooth pain and aggravated pressure that worsens when you chew? Do you have jaw pain and stiffness, which could indicate an infection or damage? Are your gums infected? See a dentist at Brockport Dental if you have any of these issues.

If and when you do get a tooth extracted, know that it’s a fairly simple procedure and there are various sedation options available. Healing takes a couple weeks.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Brockport Dental at 585-636-0555.

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