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Why Do Dentists Need to Take X-Rays?

Dentists use X-rays to see what’s going on with your teeth, their roots, your gums, etc. X-rays give them insight into what’s happening inside your mouth and jaw– they’re able to “see” things they can’t normally see with the naked eye.

X-ray machines are safe, though some people worry that they’re going to be harmed by the radiation the machines emit. Here’s the good news: the amount of radiation is so low that it’s perfectly safe.

The Value of X-Rays

In most dental offices, X-rays are taken using “bitewings,” which are a kind of camera film inserted into the mouth in the area the dentist wants to better examine. Some offices have machines where you rest your chin on a piece of plastic and a camera goes around your head, taking X-ray “pictures” of your mouth. Technology keeps progressing– some offices are able to make 3D computerized displays of your mouth and jaw, showing what’s happening beneath the surface. No matter how an office takes X-rays, know this: they help pinpoint problem areas, so the dentist can address any dental issues and help you feel better.

Specifically, X-rays allow dentists to check the health of your jawbone, see the progression of developing teeth, look at whether or not you’ve got periodontal disease, check for cavities, examine tooth roots, etc.

When’s the last time you had X-rays done by a dentist? If you’d like to get some taken, call Brockport Dental at 585-636-0555. New patients typically have a full mouth series done, and then it’s every 3 to 5 years for further full mouth X-rays to be repeated. Bitewings are usually taken once or twice a year during your check-up appointments.

Brockport Dental is located at 1000 Transit Way #200 in the beautiful college town of Brockport, NY, and open Monday thru Thursday with convenient hours.

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