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What Can Happen If You Ignore Tooth Pain?

Do you have tooth pain? Are you trying to ignore it, hoping it goes away on its own? What can happen if you ignore tooth pain?

Pain is the Body’s Way of Communicating Something is Wrong

Pain has a purpose. It tells you that something is wrong. In the case of tooth pain, it could mean you have a bacterial infection in your tooth. Once inside your tooth, that infection can spread to your bloodstream, which means it can spread all over your body. Tooth pain may be linked to more serious health issues that affect the heart, brain or other parts of your body. Furthermore, ignoring tooth pain could result in having an abscess in/around the tooth. This is excruciatingly painful. You might end up having to have the tooth extracted.

It’s Better to Be Proactive than Reactive

You don’t want to have to have a tooth extracted unless it’s totally necessary, right? Well tooth pain can also signify that you have a cavity. If left untreated, because you choose to ignore it, you might eventually need a dental crown, onlay or inlay to solve the problem of the ever-expanding cavity– and these options are costlier than simple fillings.

Be Worried About Gum Disease

And then there’s gum disease– another thing you don’t want. It’s not something that you get overnight. Instead, it develops over months or years. Tooth pain may be accompanied by painful, swollen, bleeding gums. You might have gum disease whereas bacteria has infiltrated your gum tissues. You want to have a dentist check you for that, and help you mitigate it.

Tempted though you may be to ignore tooth pain, it’s best to visit Brockport Dental for a professional checkup to see exactly what’s happening with your teeth and gums. Don’t wait until it’s too late– call Brockport Dental to schedule an appointment at 585-635-0555. It’s best to figure out what’s wrong when pain starts, rather than to wait a long time, trying to ignore the pain.

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