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The Importance of Dental X-Rays

The fictional but beloved comic book hero Superman might make a great dentist– after all, he has several powers including X-ray vision. If only humans had the power of X-ray vision, it would allow dentists to just look at a person and see details of what’s going on inside their mouths, seeing places and structures not normally visible to the naked eye.

Detection of Decay and Disease

Alas, humans don’t have X-ray vision capability– but they do have X-ray machines. And dental X-rays are important because they allow dentists to have more information that can benefit a patient. For instance, X-rays help detect decay or diseases that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

A Complete Picture

If a dentist wants to be able to see between and inside a patient’s teeth, he or she can utilize X-rays, which help give them a “whole picture” of what’s going on. Not only do X-rays show the condition of teeth, but also their roots, a person’s jaw placement, and their facial bone composition. X-rays can be used to find and treat issues before they become more serious or advanced.

A Snapshot of Changes

Specifically, X-rays can show abscesses, cysts, tumors, and decay, as well as bone loss and the position of teeth relative to things like implants. Dentists use bitewing, periapical and panoramic X-rays to “see” into and under teeth, etc. X-rays may be taken every couple months or years, depending on the patient and what the dentist thinks is best for him or her. It’s neat to be able to have X-rays taken over time, to see how one’s teeth were, how they currently are, and how they might be in the future.

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