Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction Services

Is a tooth of yours driving you crazy with persistent pain? If so, you should see a dentist as soon as possible, as you may need the tooth extracted. Tooth extraction may be the required course of action for a variety of reasons, including in the event the tooth has experienced irreversible decay, an infection has made the current situation untenable,  the way a particular tooth is growing causes an issues for others in your mouth (as is often the case with wisdom teeth) or gum disease has forced the issue. Regardless of why you need a tooth extracted, the experts at Brockport Dental are here to help.

We’ll Make the Tooth Extraction Process as Painless As Possible

Brockport Dental makes it a priority to provide our patients with care that does not cause them unnecessary discomfort. We can discuss your options with you for tooth extraction; sometimes, all we may have to do is numb the area with a numbing agent. Other times we may need to administer general anesthesia. Notably, we do offer sedation dentistry services if you have intense anxiety about having dental work done.

The process will mostly be determined by the type of extraction you’ll need. There are two type of extractions, either a simple one that a dentist can do relatively quickly, or a surgical one, which often require an oral surgeon because of its complexities.

Brockport Dental works with patients of all ages. Our reputable dentists have years of experience, and we provide flexible scheduling options. If you’re experiencing serious tooth pain and fear you may need to have a tooth extracted, we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible. You can either call us at 585-636-0555 or you can schedule an appointment by filling out a contact form.


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