Complete and Partial Dentures

An Overview of Dentures 

At some point in your life, you might need several new teeth. When this is the case, a visit to Brockport Dental is in order, because we can give you complete or partial dentures, as needed.

A denture is a removable “dental appliance” made to replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissue. When you put your dentures in your mouth, they resemble natural teeth and blend in, enhancing your smile and making you look good. Custom-fitted to your mouth, partials replace a couple teeth while complete dentures would be all your top and/or bottom teeth in one appliance.

Dentures are durable and made to last many years. Over time, they may need adjustments and repairs.

If you are missing several teeth and/or all your top and/or bottom teeth, then dentures might be the optimal choice for you. They can improve a person’s chewing, speech and digestion.

Denture Services in Brockport, NY

In Monroe County, where can you go for dentures? Brockport Dental is a logical choice. We offer partial and complete dentures to patients as needed. Every person is different, so our dentist(s) assess your situation and then give you exactly what you need to live a happier, healthier life. Dentures have the power to transform a person’s smile while also helping them speak and eat better-- they really enhance a person’s daily life.

If you have missing teeth, it might be time for dentures. Discuss your options by making an appointment at Brockport Dental by calling 585-636-0555.



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