Amalgam Fillings

An Overview of Amalgam Fillings

An amalgam filling is used to repair a tooth that has a problem. If you experience tooth decay or get a crack or fracture, an amalgam filling by a dentist makes sense. Typically, the decayed or affected part of the tooth gets removed and replaced (filled) with amalgam.

Amalgam is a filling made from several metals including mercury, silver, tin and copper. If you see a person’s “silver-colored fillings” when they open their mouth and show you their teeth, you’re looking at amalgam fillings. These types of fillings have been in use by dentists for well over 100 years! They’re known for being quite durable.

If you’re worried that amalgam has mercury in it, and you think that’s not healthy, keep in mind that safety organizations all agree-- based on scientific evidence-- that dental amalgam is a safe and effective cavity-filling material.

How to Prevent Cavities

Want to prevent cavities? It’s best to meet regularly with your dentist and discover your cavity risk level. Cleanings and exams twice a year will help you know how your teeth are doing, and what might need to change in order to improve your overall oral health.

Typically, if you want to prevent cavities then brush your teeth after every meal using a soft brush and toothpaste. Consume less sugar in your diet, because bacteria love to feed on the sugars found in the foods and drinks we consume… and they leave behind waste in the form of dental plaque. The more plaque you have, the more acids your teeth will deal with, and acids wear down tooth enamel, eventually causing cavities.

It’s also recommended that you floss daily in between your teeth and use an antimicrobial mouthwash, too. Drink more water-- it usually has fluoride in it, which helps keep teeth healthy.

If you suspect you have a cavity, don’t fret. Get it filled! Call Brockport Dental at 585-636-0555 and make your appointment.


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