Porcelain Fixed Bridges

Types of Dental Bridges

When you have a missing tooth and there’s that gap between other teeth, you want to fill that gap in with a dental bridge. It’s a non-removable dental appliance that durably replaces a missing tooth.

There are different types of bridges and you’d get the particular type that would best suit your individual needs as determined by your dentist. A traditional bridge-- the most popular-- is usually made of porcelain fused to metal. It resembles your natural teeth and consists of two crowns that go over two anchoring teeth. There are also removable dental bridges, also known as removable partial dentures, which can be removed as needed for cleaning and/or taken out at nighttime so you don’t have to sleep with them “in.” Other bridges include the cantilever dental bridge, the Maryland dental bridge and the implant-supported dental bridge.

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges fill the space of missing teeth. For that reason, they can help restore a person’s smile. Bridges also help people chew and digest their food better, and improve their speaking ability. Think about it-- it’s easier to chew and speak with a mouth full of teeth than with a mouth containing missing teeth, right? Exactly! Bridges also help maintain a person’s facial shape by reducing bone loss and prevent remaining teeth from getting out of position.

Have you heard of the term “bridge the gap?” If you have a missing tooth and you want to literally bridge that gap with a “fill-in” tooth, it can be done! At Brockport Dental, we handle several different types of dental bridges in order to make people look and feel better.

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