Porcelain Crowns

An Overview of Dental Crowns

Sometimes a tooth needs a crown. It’s a cap or covering that helps restore a tooth to its original size and shape. Crowns protect and strengthen tooth structures when they can’t be fixed with fillings or other restorations.

Most people get tooth-colored crowns made of porcelain. Dental crowns can also be made out of metals, resin and/or ceramics. Thankfully, no matter what the material, they don’t require special care over time-- just good oral hygiene.

Crowns are used to “cover” broken, decayed or fractured teeth. They can also be used in place of large or fractured fillings. Some choose crowns for cosmetic enhancement. Most people end up getting crowns after they have had a root canal done.

It usually takes two visits to complete a crown treatment. An impression is made to figure out the size and shape of the crown to be made… and you may get a temporary crown while you wait for a permanent one to be made, which gets installed at your second appointment. The dentist will place the crown in your mouth and make adjustments so it fits well. It ultimately gets cemented into place.

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