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Sedation dentistry

Is your anxiety of the dentist stopping you from seeking help for your dental issues? If our music and TV streaming channels are not enough to distract you, our sedation dentistry options will help you relax during your appointment. No pain, no stress, just better oral health.

Inhaled Sedation

Inhalation sedation (also known as laughing gas), is administered in combination with a local anesthetic for pain prevention. Laughing gas calms and comforts patients even though they remain awake, in control, and with the ability to communicate. It also lessens anxiety, increases a patient’s pain threshold, reduces an overactive gag reflex and makes time pass more quickly. It can also be used in pediatric dentistry.

Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation involves pills taken orally. The medication allows patients to enter a state of total relaxation during treatment. Usually, patients receive an injection of local anesthetic as well. Oral sedation is commonly combined with laughing gas to achieve an even deeper state of relaxation, and most patients will not remember their time in the chair.

* For any visit where oral sedation is involved, we ask that you be accompanied to and from the appointment by a responsible companion, as you will be quite drowsy.