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As your dedicated dental care provider, we are committed to diagnosing and managing your oral health care needs, as well as to preventing future dental issues. For your convenience, we try to keep all your care under one roof at Brockport Dental, and we perform a wide range of procedures to keep your teeth, gums and jaws healthy.

Most dental emergencies can be avoided by visiting your dentist regularly. You should also be careful when eating foods that can damage your teeth, such as popcorn, caramels, and hard candies. But some emergencies occur without warning, and we are available for you even after hours at our emergency phone line. What should you do if you break a tooth after a fall or get a tooth knocked out while playing sports? The best thing to do is see us as soon as possible. If you have a broken or chipped tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water, and try to keep the tooth fragment if possible. Put an ice-pack on the tooth while on your way over.
  • If the whole tooth is completely out, rinse with (saline) saltwater, apply ice to the area and keep the tooth in solutions that have similar viscosity to blood and saliva (ideally IV fluid, but saline (saltwater), saliva or even milk can help, but never use regular water!)
  • Place the tooth into a small container or plastic wrap and add some milk or saline to keep the root from drying out. Milk is a good medium for storing knocked-out teeth because cells from the root surface don’t swell up and burst as they do when placed in water.
  • If a tooth is loose but didn’t get knocked out, take some over-the-counter painkillers, put some ice on it, and come see us as soon as possible.
In addition to regular tooth extractions, we are here for you if you experience wisdom tooth discomfort. Wisdom teeth are four permanent adult teeth that are located at the very back of your mouth. If healthy and functional, your wisdom teeth can be useful. However, in some cases they may need to be removed:
  • Wisdom teeth can sometimes become impacted under the gum, or may only partially erupt through the gum. This can cause swelling, pain and even infection of the surrounding gums.
  • Wisdom teeth can also put pressure on the adjacent teeth, which can result in permanent damage to these otherwise healthy teeth and their surrounding bone. Impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to the formation of cysts, and even tumors that could potentially destroy an entire section of your jaw.
  • Lastly, fully erupted wisdom teeth may need to be removed because they are very hard to clean, and can therefore become severely decayed.
Benefits of removing your wisdom teeth at Brockport Dental:
  • Procedure is performed by our experienced oral surgeon in-house, who participates with a wide variety of insurance plans.
  • If you are anxious about the procedure, we offer Sedation Dentistry so you can be at ease during your time in the chair.
  • We are equipped with the latest panoramic (2D) and CBCT (3D) X-ray technology to lower the risk of possible complications during the extraction procedure, so you can have an uneventful post-operative recovery.

Is your anxiety of the dentist stopping you from seeking help for your dental issues? If our music and TV streaming channels are not enough to distract you, our sedation dentistry options will help you relax during your appointment. No pain, no stress, just better oral health.

Our experienced cosmetic specialist can transform your smile and help you achieve your desired esthetic goals, with state-of-the-art porcelain veneers or crowns. We will attentively review & discuss your cosmetic concerns and then recommend an individualized treatment plan that accommodates your needs.

Having teeth missing can be hard on your self-esteem and overall look. Apart from affecting chewing, it can also cause significant oral health problems because the other teeth around the gap shift, tilt or extrude, while the bone underneath can start to shrink irreversibly. Our skilled team of dentists and specialists at Brockport Dental has expertise in prosthetic options ranging from conventional removable dentures to state-of-the-art fixed implant supported dentures (hybrids). Let us help you navigate this multitude of options.

Implant over dentures are one of the finest treatment options available for loss of teeth, combining affordability with greatly increased denture retention and stability. The overdenture rests on your gums and “snaps onto” implants placed in your upper and or lower jaw, with the help of retentive attachments incorporated into the denture base. Unlike conventional dentures, overdentures are a lot more stable and effective in chewing and biting food. They improve your facial appearance by keeping the jaw bone intact, and their reduced coverage of the roof of your mouth improves tasting efficiency and reduces gag reflex.