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Oral Health Translates to Focused Learning, Work

healthy smileHow’s your smile doing? We’re not really referring to your happiness, joy levels, or anything like that, but we really just mean those pearly whites. Do they glisten like newly fallen snow when the sun comes out? Do they glisten like Southern California beach sand? We understand that perfect whiteness when it comes to teeth is a bit of a pipe dream, but this is the time of the year that you want to make sure you and your family have smiles that are up to snuff.


There should be no creeping cavities squatting in your mouth. That is no way to start the start the school year. Remember, smiles and school go hand in hand – and by that we mean that dental checkups and going back to school go hand in hand. You don’t want the school year to descend into decay – maintaining healthy teeth absent of decay is a surefire way to get the school year started on the right footing.


According to a recent La Crosse Tribune report, “Schedule back-to-school dental visit – avoid oral health issues that could distract your child from learning and cause missed class time by scheduling regular dental appointments for checkups and preventive care, such as cleanings and fluoride treatment.”


While a glistening smile is certainly aesthetically pleasing, especially in an academic setting, it’s more prudent to think of dental checkups as being a way to prevent future trouble in the school year. When teeth are hurting, it will negatively affect work performance and enthusiasm. When a tooth hurts, the entire body hurts. How is that any way to greet the new school year?

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