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An Intro Guide to Teeth Whitening

teethYour smile is the first thing someone notices about you. So, you deserve to have it be as pearly white as possible!

No one wants stained teeth, as this can lead to some pretty serious self-esteem issues. This is where tooth whitening can come in to be the unsung hero of dentistry. Considering that 82.5% of people saw a noticeable difference after having their smile whitened by a dentist, it is safe to say that it is worth the extra effort for this treatment.

But what exactly does tooth whitening entail? Here is a beginner’s guide to this dental treatment.

What is tooth whitening?
Tooth whitening is exactly what it sounds like — it is meant to remove tooth discoloration and stains. However, it is not a one-time procedure and will require some dedication to get to the shade you require.

How do I prepare?
If you have any pre-existing dental conditions, such as cavities or a chipped tooth, they must be taken care of before the whitening procedure. Also, be aware that if you have receding gums, your teeth may look yellow, and there is nothing that a tooth whitening procedure can do to fix it. So, it is always a good idea to fix these problems the best you can before the treatment as the treatment can cause a lot of sensitivity.

What does it entail?
Generally speaking, there are two different types of tooth whitening procedures. What option you choose depends on whether or not the tooth has nerves (vital) or if it has had a root canal procedure done and doesn’t have any feeling (non-vital whitening).

  • Vital Whitening: This is applied via a gel directly onto the tooth’s surface. It can be done either at home or during a dental exam; it all depends on what power whitening gel can be used.
  • Non-vital Whitening: Since the tooth doesn’t have a nerve, chances are the discoloration is coming from inside the tooth. So your dentist will place a whitening agent inside the teeth and cover them with a temporary crown. You’ll keep this crown on for a few days and repeat the entire process until the desired shade is reached.

Make your smile the brightest it has ever been by investing in tooth whitening today. With just a few treatments, you’ll be showing off those pearly whites in no time!

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