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How a Dentist Determines Whether You Need a Crown or Filing

How does a dentist determine whether you need a filling or a crown? If you’re royalty, you need a crown! Joking aside, what’s the real deal?

Cavities Mean Fillings

Well, most cavities need fillings. If you have a tooth that has decay and/or a cavity, the dentist fills that space up with porcelain, composite resin or gold or silver amalgam. A good filling helps prevent bacteria from spreading while also restoring the tooth’s overall health. Now when might the dentist say you need a crown? This would be when your tooth’s structure has been impaired by decay, breakage or fracture. A crown is like a cap for the tooth! Made from porcelain, composite resin or other materials, dental crowns are made to look and feel like natural teeth so if and when you get a crown, people probably won’t even know it’s there! Generally, crowns are more expensive than fillings and last a longer time.

Variables at Play

Typically, dentists have several factors that go into whether or not they choose to give you a filling or crown. For starters, there’s the size of the cavity. If it’s “not too big,” then a filling makes sense. If the cavity has affected a significant part of the tooth, however, a crown might make more sense. Then there’s the tooth condition to take into account. Is it weak or strong? Is it in danger of cracking completely? Will it be prone to infection in the months to come? Is the tooth broken or cracked? When the problem is bigger than just a small cavity, then it makes sense to get a crown put on.

Root Canals

Have you ever had a root canal procedure done? When this happens, the core of the tooth is infected and that infection needs to be cleaned out by your dentist. The inside of the tooth can become hollow and weak, so the dentist usually chooses to put a crown on it to strengthen it and that way you won’t need to have the tooth extracted.

Brockport Dental can help you feel better if you have problems with your teeth. If you need fillings and/or crowns, Brockport Dental can take care of your needs. Please call 585-636-0555 to make an appointment.

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