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Here’s Why Your Child Should Wear a Mouthguard While Playing Sports

Kids play sports. Whether it’s soccer, hockey, volleyball, baseball or basketball, there are plenty of opportunities for kids in Western New York to play sports at all different times of the year. And when they do, you– the parent or caregiver– want them to be as safe as possible. What’s something you can encourage kids to do when they play sports? Buy them mouthguards.

Mouthguards Protect Myriad Oral Injuries

Kids should wear mouthguards when playing sports or engaging in recreational activities where they need to protect their mouth just in case they receive a blow to the face. It could be that a ball or puck hits them in the face, or another kid’s hand or elbow swats them. Either way, the mouthguard should be in place to protect against broken teeth as well as injuries to the lips, tongue, face and/or jaw.

Mouthguards typically cover the upper teeth. They can be custom-fitted, stock (pre-formed, ready to wear), or “boil and bite,” whereas they’re first softened in boiling water, then inserted and given time to adapt to the shape of a kid’s mouth.

Did you know dentists can make custom mouthguards? And if your kid wears braces or some sort of fixed dental appliance, mouth protectors for the lower teeth exist as well.

If and when your kid gets a mouthguard, have them rinse it before and after each use. Mouthguards can be cleaned in cool, soapy water. Avoid leaving mouthguards in hot water and/or the sun. Replace them if/when they become worn or broken.

For more info about mouthguards, call Brockport Dental at 585-636-0555. Brockport Dental is located at 1000 Transit Way #200 in Brockport, New York. See some of the services offered, here. Brockport Dental serves all sorts of people, young and old alike, from Brockport, Holley, Hamlin, Byron-Bergen, Spencerport, Rochester, and beyond.

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