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Great Dental Dad Jokes Just in Time for Father’s Day

family dentistFather’s day is right around the corner, and you know what that means. Dear old dad will be able to devote his entire day to telling as many Dad jokes as possible. To get in the mood for this special day, here are some punny dental dad jokes that will get you laughing.

Q: What dinosaur is known for having amazing teeth?

A: The Flossoraptor!

Q: What did the frequent patient say to the dentist when checking in?

A: I’ve been here several times, I know the drill!

Q: What is the best time to schedule a dental exam?

A: Tooth-hurty! (2:30)

Q: What does the family dentist of the year get?

A: A little plaque!

Q: What do you call a dentist who isn’t a fan of tea?

A: Denis.

Q:A dentist went to the North Pole on vacation. What animal did he see?

A: A molar bear!

Q:What did the tooth say to the dentist going on vacation?

A: Make sure to fill me in when you get back!

:Q: Why did the smartphone need tooth whitening?

A: It had a little bluetooth that need to be taken care of.

Q: Why did the King schedule a dentist appointment?

A: He was in need of a new crown

Q: Why did the dentist leave the airport?

He was afraid of the cavity search!

Q: What is a dentist’s favorite candy?

A: A gummy bear!

Q: Why did the deer need braces?

A: Because of his two big buck teeth!

Q: How did the dentist congratulate the golfer with a painful cavity?

A: Great job on the hole in one!

Q: What do dentists call their x-rays?

A:Tooth pics!

Q: Why did the Storm Trooper need to whiten his teeth?

A: To get rid of the dark side!

Despite their puns, these jokes do have a purpose: to inspire you to sign your family up for regularly scheduled visits with your dentist!

Remember: Children are especially in need of dental services. The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation reports that more than 40% of children have dental cavities by the time they enter kindergarten! Our family dentist will teach your entire family healthy dental habits from their very first appointment, and we offer everything from fillings to cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

So do your father a favor and remind him to schedule a dental appointment this year! This way he can say his Dad jokes with an even bigger smile on his face.

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