FREE Teeth Whitening

FREE Teeth Whitening with Exam & Cleaning

Brockport Dental is a modern family dentist office in Brockport, NY, offering high-quality dental services and care. Did you know we offer free teeth whitening services with any exam and cleaning? It’s true; we’ll have your teeth feeling and looking their best!

Free Teeth Whitening Services With an Exam

Are you self-conscious about the color of your teeth? Have your teeth recently become less white than you’d prefer them to be? Many people struggle with this feeling and would yearn for their pearly whites to shine brighter and whiter. At Brockport Dental, we’re dedicated to making our patients feel like their best selves. Therefore, we are offering free teeth whitening with any exam and cleaning.

We know that dental teeth whitening can feel like an overwhelming process and at-home kits typically fall short of the results you hope to achieve. However, nothing beats professional teeth whitening services, and we provide the most thorough and methods.

Our dental teeth whitening is 100% safe and provides you with only the best results. Waste no more time, money, and disappointment on self-applied methods that will only achieve a fraction of what we can with our professional teeth whitening.

What’s better than topping off a dental visit with free teeth whitening that will boost your self-esteem and have people complimenting your smile the day you leave our office? We know that our chair isn’t typically people’s favorite place to be, which is why we want to make the experience feel more rewarding to you. Not only do we offer unmatched professional dental care, but we give our patients the self-confidence that they deserve.

Call our office today at (585) 636-0555 to schedule your next exam and redeem your free teeth whitening.


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