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What Are the Five Worst Fair Foods?

It’s just about time for the Orleans County 4-H Fair, and we sure enjoy seeing the livestock entries from our neighbors and community members from throughout the county.
But, let’s be honest: It’s really the fair food that brings in many people, drawn one way by the aroma of fried dough and then another way on a wafting whiff of cotton candy.

We’re not going to be a wet blanket now and talk about all the things you shouldn’t eat at the fair. Well, sort of. The saying “everything in moderation” has hung around for a reason – it makes sense. So indulge yourself if you desire at the fair – we’ve heard the pickles on a stick are amazing – but we do encourage you to give your teeth a little extra flossing, rinsing and brushing when you get home.

With dental health in mind, let’s take a look at five of the fair foods that are the most troublesome for your dental health.

Kettle CornKettle Corn

It’s salty, it’s sweet, and it’s only popcorn, right? Guess again. Husks can lodge painfully between teeth, and the sugary residue can remain in your mouth long after you’ve stopped enjoying the popcorn. It’s particularly rough on mouths full of braces. If you must indulge, stop in a restroom and floss thoroughly.

Cotton Candy

We shouldn’t have to tell you about this one – it’s mainly just straight sugar. We know it’s delicious, though, and everybody’s got to have this melt-in-your-mouth confection once in a while. It’s essential that when you’re finished, though, you rinse your mouth thoroughly with plain water to get as much sugar off your teeth as possible until you get home to brush.

Funnel Cakes and Fried Dough

Everyone loves these fair classics, whether doused in powdered sugar, cinnamon powder or both! Of course, with those toppings, you know they could be trouble. The sugars and fats from this sweet treat can easily cause cavities and feed the bacteria that cause plaque. As with anything, enjoy in moderation, and don’t forget to brush – or at least rinse with water – after you’re done.

Chocolate-Covered Anything

At the fair, you can’t forget to have a deep-fried peanut butter cup. Sweet and gooey and fried – it’s a truly summertime taste of Americana. But, of course, there’s a dark side – and it’s not dark chocolate. The chocolate itself, though, is insidious because its sugars can linger on your teeth, working harder than you’d think to destroy your enamel.

Candy Apples

The candy apple is a ubiquitous fair treat, and quite frankly, it’s popular for a reason. Whether you’re in the caramel camp or want your apple in a quarter-inch of hard red glossy candy, you’re putting your teeth in some danger. The candy version offers a good chance to crack a tooth with every bite, and the caramel version isn’t much friendlier. Plus, the sticky sugars of caramel can wreak more damage after the fact, as the sugars can feed the bacteria that destroy your teeth.

We all love our fair treats, but the key is to enjoy them in moderation – and, of course, to brush and floss as soon as you can afterwards! For more dental health tips, talk with your dentist at All Smiles Dental at your next appointment. Call us today at 585-589-0000 or make an appointment online now.

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