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Don’t Believe These Things About Root Canals

People often get scared at just the mere mention of the dreaded two words: root canal. Their first response is usually to freeze up their face into a painful look, followed by the words, “Please, no, anything but that!” But are root canals “that bad?” There are three common myths about them you should know…


First, the myth is that root canals are painful, as in “the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life.” That’s not true. Maybe you’ve seen fictionalized TV show/movie accounts of them, where they made it look bad, but the reality is that modern technology and today’s anesthetics make root canals a breeze. Seriously, it’s like getting a cavity filled, and you can handle that!

Prone to Disease

Next, some people believe the myth that root canals cause people to become ill or get certain diseases. A long time ago there was a research study that claimed that, but it wasn’t designed properly and has since been debunked. Try and find any valid and scientific evidence that root canal treatment is linked to disease anywhere in the body– you won’t find it.

“Easier” Options

Finally, there’s the myth, especially considered by older people, that pulling a tooth on your own is better than having a root canal treatment. The reality is that it’s better to save your natural teeth rather than yank one out. A natural tooth that gets “fixed” is better than having no tooth there at all. Furthermore, today’s treatment is highly successful with results often lasting a lifetime. Why pull a tooth when you can just have it fixed?

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