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Is your Diet Destroying your Teeth?

whitening mouthwashThere are certain foods especially damaging to your teeth. In conjunction with proper home maintenance, avoiding these foods and drinks will help you avoid cavities and gum disease. The common denominator for all foods especially damaging to your oral health is sugar.

Carbonated soft drinks are among the biggest culprits. They contain a significant amount of teeth-attacking sugar and citric acid that can erode away enamel. And even bread and pasta compromise teeth health, with the heavy starch contents breaking down into sugar. The most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the tooth are then exposed to sugar, just like if you drank a carbonated soda.

Even fruits like lemons, limes and oranges are high in sugar and acid. The acid specifically can eat through tooth enamel making teeth more vulnerable to cavities and sensitively. When consumed quickly, most of the acidity of these fruits can be avoided. However, eating these types of citrus fruits before bed for example can allow the acid to eat away at the teeth causing irreparable damage.

In addition to carbonated, sugary drinks, starches, citrus fruits and dried fruits, there are other foods to stay away from if you want to take good care of your teeth. Food that makes your mouth dry like popcorn as well as very sticky candy can both be detrimental to teeth and gums. Staying away from all of these foods and drinks as much as possible will help keep your teeth strong and gums healthy for years without lengthy, painful visits to the dentist.

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