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Demographic Variations in Oral Hygiene

dentist's chairNowadays there’s no area of life that isn’t affected by trends and dentistry is no exception. Dental care is impacted by a number of factors, including altering patterns of demographics and government policies. Analysts are predicting that these factors will have significant effects on dental practice in United States, for both the patient and the dentist. This is covered extensively in this article in

The site reports, “Dentistry in the United States is in a period of transformation. There is a shift among the American population from wanting to be regarded as “patients,” to one in which they view themselves as health care “consumers” with differing behaviors, expectations and needs. Dentists can choose to either embrace the paradigm shift or be left behind.”

The term paradigm shift is an apt term for this change, as it goes beyond a simple shift. The dictionary defines paradigm shift as “a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.” In the pasts, shifts in the dental industry concerned technology or procedures; the evolution of people from “patients” to “consumers” is a major one, as it reflects something more capitalistic in nature. Dental consumers are changing their behavior and with technology rapidly becoming a force in healthcare, these consumers are seeking quick value for their dollar, value of course referring to price, reviews, experience, education, technology, location, and more.

So, basically what this means is that dentists and dental practices need to have a greater online presence or they will be left in the dust. Older consumers don’t necessarily follow the same patterns, but as the dental demographics gets younger and younger, it is prudent for dentists to keep impeccable information online. A strong online presence is the future of the dental industry. At Brockport Dental, you can rest assured that we stay up-to-date on trends; we will always maintain a strong online presence.

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