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Benefits of having Braces

straight teeth As you grow up your teeth fall out, grow back in and start to shift around in all different directions. Some people will end up with a nice straight smile, while others might need to strap on some braces for a little extra help and assistance. Sure, no one likes the idea or thought of having a nice, shiny, metal smile in their school photos, but there are some pretty nice benefits to having braces on your teeth.


Firstly, there are some health benefits to having braces on your teeth. These lead to improvements in dental hygiene, which will reduce the risk of oral diseases. Having misaligned teeth, crooked or bite issues can often cause food buildup between teeth. As a result, plaque and tartar starts to build up, which can contribute heavily to cavities and periodontal gum disease.

Braces will also provide your teeth with heightened protection as well. People with irregular bite patterns will often experience stress on their teeth from being uneven. As time goes on, these teeth may wear at a more rapid rate than those that have had braces put on to realign them properly. Along with this added protection, braces actually will help improve eating habits too. Those who experience a difficulty with biting or chewing certain foods will, in turn, experience digestion and nutrition issues. Difficulty chewing and biting will also result in pain and discomfort as well. Obtaining straight teeth from braces will help get rid of this issue.

Finally, the social effect that braces will have on an individual is quite resounding as well. People get braces because they are unhappy with the way their smile looks. Furthermore, this takes a heavy toll on their self-esteem. By the time they are done with their braces, and the metal comes off they are more than pleased with the new results, boosting their self-esteem and making them smile more.

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