Woman biting nails and adversely affecting her teeth

Avoid These Bad Dental Habits

Okay, when you visit the dentist you know you’re going to be reminded to brush your teeth daily, right? And floss too? What are some bad dental habits that a dentist might tell you to avoid? Here are some…

  • Do you chew on ice? If so, stop that. It can damage your teeth. Chewing on ice can cause cracks and chips in tooth enamel– ouch!
  • Do you bite your nails? Did you know that biting your nails could conceivably break your teeth? You’re putting stress on certain teeth when you do so, and this can shift your teeth to different positions. It can also mess with your jaw position. Yikes.
  • Do you brush your teeth too hard? A lot of people do, and this causes the enamel to wear down. It also irritates your gums, such that they might recede or bleed.
  • Do you open packages with your teeth? Okay, you’re a beast! Good for you– NOT. This kind of activity can lead to chips, cracks, and jaw damage. Open packages using scissors.
  • Do you snack all day long and forget to brush? Think of all that sugar that’s sticking on your teeth, rotting them away! Ugh. Sugar is rough on teeth. At least try and rinse your mouth out with water after eating or drinking sugary snacks and drinks.
  • Do you smoke or chew tobacco? Expect stained teeth, tooth decay and possible gum/periodontal disease if you do..

Finally, do you play sports… without a mouthguard? All it takes is one bad hit and your teeth can be chipped, broken or lost. Wear a mouthguard.

No one likes to be told what to do, but it’s a dentist’s responsibility to help all people steer clear of unwanted dental problems. Do your best to make positive changes and avoid bad habits that could hurt your teeth, your mouth, etc.

Of course, the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to have routine dental visits. If you’re in the Brockport area, make an appointment with Brockport Dental today.

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